Recycle or Sell Your UPS

Our customers provide us with a steady supply of UPS refurbishment candidates. If you have a late model UPS (brands listed below) and you are no longer using the UPS unit(s) or looking to upgrade, call us and you may be surprised what your equipment is worth. Do our planet a favor by recycling, reusing, and reducing!

Use our Contact form or e-mail a list of UPS equipment to, you may also call us and speak with one of our Purchasing Agents.

We buy the following UPS brands, and much more!

Not all used UPS units are re-marketable due to age, size, brand, etc. Disposing of some UPS poses some challenges since the batteries inside the units make it a hazardous waste item which cannot be simply thrown in the dumpster.

Let us handle the disposal issues for you for free. We accept unused or broken UPS units and batteries, we separate the hazardous waste items and properly dispose of the items so you don't have to.

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