Battery Handling and Maintenance

Care and keeping of your Maintenance-Free Battery

You have purchased the GPS "Next Generation Battery Technology" product.

Maximum battery life and performance depends on application conditions, and charging rates.  To assure your battery will perform and last, please follow these instructions:

Battery Warranties:

  • 1 Year - Standard use such as: golf carts, wheelchairs, or other uncontrolled equipment.
  • 4 Year - Elite Battery in UPS or other controlled enviroments.

Battery Charging

To properly charge your Deep Cycle Gel/AGM battery, follow these procedures.

  • Never use an automotive or wet type charger on a Gel/AGM battery.
    (We sell the correct chargers, ask your Account Manager for details)
  • Never run your battery completely flat
  • Do not frequently charge your battery just to "top it off"

How often do I need to charge?

  • Active users  -  Charge daily.
  • Occasional users  -  Charge your battery before use and always after active use.

How should Batteries be stored?

  • Batteries should always be stored "Fully Charged"
  • Wet Cell Batteries hold their charge for up to 3 months
  • Gel and AGM Maintenance-Free Batteries hold their charge up to 6 months
  • When Batteries are left in a vehicle, device, or toy more than 2 weeks,
    charge the batteries and disconnect them from the load.

The GPS brand of batteries are made to the highest standards, and if properly cared for and maintained, this product should give you years of use.