Universal 12 Volt 4 Amp Triple Stage Charger


Make sure you always have a way to keep your battery ready to go with the 12 Volt, 4 Amp charger/maintainer which is a full 3-stage charger with stage indicators with short circuit, reverse polarity, and back feed protection.
Includes output cords, ring mount and battery clamp cables.
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Three Stage Charge Cycle

An integrated circuit monitors and controls both the output voltage and current of the charger through three separate charge states.

  • A high current, fast charge state: battery charges at 2,000 mA fast charger current rate until the battery voltage reaches 14.6 volts.
  • A topping charge state: battery charges at 14.6 volt constant voltage and current begins to taper until current is less than 500 mA.
  • A precision float charge state: the charger changes to the float state and holds the battery voltage at 13.6 volts continuous. This allows the charger to remain connected to the batteries during periods of non-use, keeping the batteries in the state of full charge.
  • Return to Bulk charge: should the battery voltage drop to 13 volts, the charger will return to the bulk charge stage.

Safety Features​

The following safety features are internal to the Adventure Power 4A Charger/Maintainer.

  • Short-circuit protection – protects the charger from short-circuit damage
  • Over Current protection – protects the charger from over-current demand
  • Over Voltage protection – protects the batteries from damage
  • Battery Polarity Reversal – protects the charger and batteries against incorrectly installed batteries
  • Low Battery Voltage – when the battery is 8V, the charger will not operate and the battery needs to be replaced