If you want to be notified when your equipment is due for service, use our free Auto-Notify Service. To take advantage of this great way to manage your small UPS service needs, fill in the information below. Our Service Notification system will begin emailing you "Service Due" prompts based on your selection in "Notification Frequency".

Last Battery Change Large UPS's - Large UPS Batteries last about three years. As they begin failing one by one, downtime and disruption occur. During a power failure, your systems may not continue to run

Small UPS's - Small UPS Batteries last about two years. Without a scheduled battery replacement program, aging batteries can swell, overheat and cause damage to the UPS.

Last Preventive Maintenance OEM's recommend a preventive maintenance is performed on UPS equipment every 6 moths. These routine checks uncover frozen fans, bad batteries, leaking capacitors, loose connections, and a host of other issues that affect reliability, or can cause damage to equipment
Service Contract Renewal Service contracts are your insurance against the high cost of equipment maintenance, especially major failures. A lapse in coverage can be costly.

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